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At E-NO, we believe in developing the skills and competencies of your employees. Your employees will know how to take over internally with their new skills and abilities.

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Supplier/customer teamwork, our method brings very high profitability.

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We are your partner for a successful digital transformation

SME's Offer


"À la carte!"

450 .00

  • 2 hours of consultation
  • Your digital advertising accounts audit 
  • Your Analytics, Tag manager & Digital Advertising accounts audit
  • Development of an Action Plan


Coaching / Training


Phase 1
  1. 70 hours of training / coaching 
  2. Subsidized under certain conditions
  3. Group webinar training
  4. Training in softwares:
  5. CRM, Emailing, Landing page, Remarketing, Predictive dialer, Livestreaming, Analytics, etc.

Company diagnosis


$25,000 .00

Company with 5 - 25 employees
  • 100 hours of consultation
  • Report Writing
  • Subsidized under certain conditions

Our offer for fortune
500 companies

Your support for a successful digital transformation !

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Our Team

Nicolas Ouellet,  Consultant

Consultant | Digital transformation expert & digital marketing expert

Nicolas is a digital transformation expert at E-NO group, this field has no secret for him. Rich of his experience in statistical analysis, he helps companies in the management of paid web campaigns and in the implementation of software's for a successful digital transformation. Do a smart investment and maximize your return on investment with Nicolas, his clients can testify. Nicolas is specialized in the implementation of management programs, automation, cloud computing, process engineering and customer follow-up.


Magaly Richmond , Consultante


Senior Consultant | Coach, Management Development & Change Specialist

With more than 20 years' experience, Maggy is specialized in several fields: coaching, training, management. She has obtained numerous certifications: CHRP, CT, MBA, ISES, MPI. Maggy is an experienced and very competent worker in her field which makes her a major asset to overcome challenges related to human resources and artificial intelligence. As a senior consultant, she has more than a thousand hours of animation. Maggy Richmond can easily identify a company's weaknesses and strengths, enabling her to implement strategies that will allow the company to change, to optimize its productivity and to control costs.


Anastasia  Migunova, Trainer                       

Trainer | PhD